Squad Leader: Claudia Jones

The jazz squad dance this year will be tension filled, technical and dynamic - being closest to contemporary jazz in style. The song is a remix of La Roux’s ‘In for the Kill’, with the music being the main inspiration behind the theme: the dancers will be acting as a group of highly trained assassins. To portray this theme there will be a lot of unison work and strong movements, hopefully all delivered with conviction and control. All of these factors will create an effective and exciting dance.



Squad Leader: Emily O'Hare

This years routine for the tap squad is all based around the idea of a battle. It will feature two opposing teams fighting to defeat each other, and at the end of the team one will be left standing victorious. Although the routine will be quick and intricate the overall feel for the routine will be aggressive and serious, as it needs to show that the teams are at war.  


Squad Leader: Anne-Marie Buckett

This year’s ballet squad dance has a modern feel to it, whilst maintaining a high level of classical technique. The dance incorporates different sections, both fast and slow, some of which are stylised and dramatic. It will require excellent musicality in order to compliment the ever-changing dynamics of the music. Precise movements and ethereal quality will help to express feeling and emotion in the piece.


Squad Leader: Caitlin Buckingham

This year contemporary squad are taking on a darker number about the process of hypnosis. They will undergo mental and physical relaxation by command of the leader and will have an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. The team will move in unison as one hypnotised body.


Squad Leader: Betsy Edwards

This years performance squad will be an energetic combination of commercial and hip hop choreography. The routine will be made up of various sections, including sassier styles, more urban choreography, and technical styles such as wacking and house. The set aims to celebrate women in the music industry by including songs from leading female artists. 

Squad Awards


1st place Advanced Ballet (Manchester Competition)

1st place Advanced Tap (Manchester Competition)

2nd place Advanced Contemporary (Manchester Competition)

1st place Advanced Ballet (Loughborough Competition)

1st place Advanced Contemporary (Loughborough Competition)

3rd place Advanced Tap (Loughborough Competition)

3rd place Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)



BEST OVERALL UNIVERSITY (Loughborough Competition)

Best Choreography for Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)

1st place Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)

2nd place Advanced Tap (Loughborough Competition)

2nd place Wildcard (Loughborough Competition)

Overall Best Female Dancer - Sophie Barraclough (Loughborough Competition)

1st place Advanced Jazz (Cardiff Competition)

1st place Wildcard (Cardiff Competition)

2nd place Advanced Tap (Cardiff Competition)

Best Costume (Cardiff Competition) 

1st place Advanced Ballet (Leeds Competition)

1st place Advanced Jazz (Leeds Competition)

1st place Wildcard (Leeds Competition)

1st place Advanced Tap (Leeds Competition)

Best Choreography for Advanced Jazz (Leeds Competition)

Overall Best Female Dancer - Sophie Barraclough (Leeds Competition)

Overall Best University (Leeds Competition)



1st place Advanced Jazz (Manchester Competition)

Overall Best Male Dancer - Jack Norris (Manchester Competition)


2nd place Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)


3rd place Advanced Jazz (Manchester Competition)


2nd place Advanced Jazz (Nottingham Competition)

3rd place Contemporary (Nottingham Competition) 

Best Female Dancer (Loughborough Competition)