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Squad Leader: Jo Hourihan

This year's jazz squad routine is themed around the 'Force of Nature'. It will be a powerful and hard-hitting dance that will incorporate a lot of technique and dynamic movements. The dancers will be portraying how Mother Nature is all-powerful and can punish those who abuse it. This routine will require a lot of attack and high energy to hopefully create an exciting piece. 

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Squad Leader: Emily O'Hare

This year's tap routine is to the song 'Waving Through a Window' by the cast of Dear Evan Hansen. It is a lyrical style tap routine to show a completely different style to last year. The piece is going to tell a story of a person isolated from everyone, unable to fit in, and as the routine progresses you see them start to dance with everyone in unison. It will show the idea of inclusion and acceptance between the dancers.

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Squad Leader: Becky Hudson

This year's ballet squad will be creating a united front in the form of the Suffragette Movement. They will be tackling some tricky, stylised motifs as well as more neo-classical lyrical sections. Every individual personality within the dance will unite to create a synchronised display of strength and resilience, representative of the  fight for suffrage.

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Squad Leader: Rosie Burke

The contemporary squad this year will show a merging of classical and modern contemporary movement as a famous orchestral piece is remixed into a hard-hitting performance track. The choreography will show the changing dynamic as the dance increases with intensity with the dancers showing versatility as they progress from a poised and refined stature to a style with a lower centre of gravity and a more chaotic energy.

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Squad Leader: Laura Lloyd

The new hip-hop squad this year will incorporate elements of street dance, house, commercial and afrobeats. Therefore, some experience in these styles and strong musicality will be required. The routine will be based around the word 'energy' as a broad term, with some more technical/hard-hitting sections and other more groovy/fun sections.

Squad Awards


1st place Advanced Ballet (Manchester Competition)

1st place Advanced Tap (Manchester Competition)

2nd place Advanced Contemporary (Manchester Competition)

1st place Advanced Ballet (Loughborough Competition)

1st place Advanced Contemporary (Loughborough Competition)

3rd place Advanced Tap (Loughborough Competition)

3rd place Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)



BEST OVERALL UNIVERSITY (Loughborough Competition)

Best Choreography for Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)

1st place Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)

2nd place Advanced Tap (Loughborough Competition)

2nd place Wildcard (Loughborough Competition)

Overall Best Female Dancer - Sophie Barraclough (Loughborough Competition)

1st place Advanced Jazz (Cardiff Competition)

1st place Wildcard (Cardiff Competition)

2nd place Advanced Tap (Cardiff Competition)

Best Costume (Cardiff Competition) 

1st place Advanced Ballet (Leeds Competition)

1st place Advanced Jazz (Leeds Competition)

1st place Wildcard (Leeds Competition)

1st place Advanced Tap (Leeds Competition)

Best Choreography for Advanced Jazz (Leeds Competition)

Overall Best Female Dancer - Sophie Barraclough (Leeds Competition)

Overall Best University (Leeds Competition)



1st place Advanced Jazz (Manchester Competition)

Overall Best Male Dancer - Jack Norris (Manchester Competition)


2nd place Advanced Jazz (Loughborough Competition)


3rd place Advanced Jazz (Manchester Competition)


2nd place Advanced Jazz (Nottingham Competition)

3rd place Contemporary (Nottingham Competition) 

Best Female Dancer (Loughborough Competition)